Information for Universities

Middle Eastern & Gulf students are eager to study in the UK! Join us and promote your university at one of our upcoming Student Fairs & Tours.

Our student fairs are a great way to meet students looking to study abroad. The students attending our upcoming events will be seeking to study English, Foundation and pursue their studies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Global Study UK organises 2 School Tours in Egypt & Lebanon during the month of November & April where we visit over 20 Interntional & local Schools. During the Tour we also have an Info Session in Cairo & Beirut where you can meet Postgraduate students as well as students from other schools.

We host student fairs in Egypt & Lebanon three times a year, in spring, summer and autumn. Each fair attracts hundreds of students looking to Study Abroad.

We also organise 2 Gulf Tours during the Academic year in September & January, where we visit Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar. During the tours we visit schools every day as well as host an evening seminar in each country for postgraduate students as well as students from schools we don’t visit.

To maximise recruitment opportunity we have a Spring Gulf Seminar Tour in April. This is a great opportunity to catch students just before the exam period begins.

We are finalising plans for events in Saudi Arabia where we plan on visiting Schools and holding seminars.

Recruitment Opportunities

We encourage you to increase your university’s international presence and grow your student population by joining us at our next events.

All promotional material for the fairs is taken care of by Global Study UK.

By attending our events you will be promoted in our social media campiagns. This is a great opportunity to be viewed by over 850,000 Facebook Likes from our region as well as over 115,000 Followers on Twitter.

Events are also promoted in country through flyer distribution at schools, universities and key locations.

All the Events are also promoted to high school students through their counsellors that we work with very closely.

Please enquire with us more marketing & advertising opportunities with Global Study UK, the fasting growing Education agency and Event organiser in the Gulf and the Middle East.