What Other Students Say

We’ve helped thousands of young students find the perfect university or college, then helped them settle in. Here’s what they have to say about the Global Study UK experience.

When I Googled Global Study UK I didn’t realise what major impact it would have on me. Ever since I got involved with Global Study UK, they have assisted and enabled me to look forward to a better education.

“They are very dedicated and committed to making sure that each applicant they assist reaches their objective. I am really grateful to Jade Young, an employee who made a real effort to help me and keep me informed the whole way through.

“It’s a great British company for anyone who is passionate about studying and furthering their education. I can’t fault Global Study UK as the place is wonderful, helpful and committed. I would most definitely recommend this excellent company.”

“Global Study UK really helped me through a complicated process as fast as possible and helped ease my fears about not finding the right university. I have passed on your details to a friend, because I am sure you can help her too!”

“I would like to thank you for all your help and full support! Global Study UK is definitely a great organisation that I will speak fondly of. Thank you also for helping me book the IELTS in April.”