College of Medicine and Dentistry

College of Medicine and Dentistry

The College of Medicine & Dentistry is the UK’s first private college dedicated to clinical dental education, seeking to prepare and enhance healthcare professionals by translating research and learning into evidence-based clinical practice and patient care. With a 7,600 sqft campus in central Birmingham comprising of a state-of-the-art simulation centre and clinical facilities, alongside an outreach centre, the CoMD is focused on its mission to deliver progressive healthcare patient care and education, alongside its collaborative research and teaching facilities.

university courses offered

The College of Medicine & Dentistry offer students MSc, PhD, CPD and Professional Diploma courses for students interested in the areas of medicine and dentistry. The University specialise in Advanced General Dental Practice, Endodontics and Oral Surgery.


College of Medicine and Dentistry is located in Birmingham, England. Birmingham is England’s second biggest city offering a wide range of transport links to and from London, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool as well as many more.

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Students should expect to have a grade equivalent to 24+ in International Baccalaureate.

English Language

Students require an IELTS score of 5.0 for Undergraduate and 5.5 for Postgraduate.

Tuition fees

Students must be able to pay tuition fees ranging from 10,000-30,000 GBP per year.
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